Choosing an Identity Theft Protection Service

Most experts in Identity Theft avoidance today are suggesting that people look into services that protect your identity. Several companies now offer this service as well as impressive guarantees against becoming the victim of fraud while enrolled in their service. But what exactly do these companies do, and how do they protect you? Well usually by offering these crucial services:

  • They manage your credit reports and order reports periodically on your behalf.
  • They set up fraud alerts at the major credit reporting agencies, and are notified in case a problem arises. They then monitor your credit for any unauthorized changes.
  • They send out all the opt-out credit requests and pre-approved mailing lists for you.
  • If you ever lose a credit card, or your whole wallet they notify all your companies with only one call from you. This can save a major hassle as well as provide quick action that can save money.
  • They have access to information databases where they monitor your information for any changes that could be the result of fraud.
  • Finally, they back up their service with guarantees, sometimes up to $1 million dollars, should you ever be the victim of Identity Theft.
  • Formulating and following through on a identity protection plan can be confusing and time consuming, so leaving it to the experts can be a very smart decision. Also when factoring in the guarantees they provide, it becomes a real bargain. Not to mention the peace of mind.


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