Monitoring Your Credit Reports

One of the major keys to preventing and detecting Identity Theft is to monitor your credit reports. Your credit report will most often be the first place where fraudulent activity will show up. Your credit report will list the following:

  • All of your open credit account and account numbers - past and current
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your current and past address
  • Your employers and employment history
  • Mortgage information
  • The number of credit inquiries you have had lately
  • And your credit or FICO score
As you can see, almost anything related to you financially will show up on the credit report, so checking it frequently is very important. Most experts also agree that a credit monitoring service is a good idea these days. For a small fee, the credit company will alert you to any changes that might happen on your credit report every month. This can give you time to react immediately to any changes, before much damage can be done.


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