Protecting Your Social Security Number

One of the most important ways to protect your identity is to guard your social security number. If a thief gains your Social Security number it is very easy for him to open up new accounts in your name. So here are some simple ways you can protect your critical SSN.

  • Don't write your SSN in the memo field of your checks. People still do this, and it is an open invitation for identity thieves.
  • Don't keep your Social Security card in your wallet. Instead keep it at home or in some other safe place like a safety deposit box.
  • Don't give out your Social Security number on forms unless it's absolutely necessary. Many times you can provide an alternate way of identifying yourself.
  • Watch your Social Security Statements that are sent out once a year. Check for strange activity. If it is not mailed to you, you can request it from the Social Security Administration.


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